Places of Power!

Places of Power!

Each month I am going to review a new place in Napa that inspired me. 

Monday Bakery

I love Monday. My biggest problem with Monday is that it is closes on Wednesday and mid-week is usually when I am most seeking to get a hot beverage and a wander around town. Monday’s baked goods are in my opinion, the best in town. They have unique twists on some classic pastries and a few totally new and different pastries as well. My favorites are the pear-rosemary bar and the almond-lemon curd cake.

While they are first and foremost a bakery, they also serve an excellent cup of coffee. Unfortunately for me, I stopped drinking coffee years ago, because I, like my protagonist Miles Ward have a coffee consumption problem. I still have a cup every couple of months, but I don’t drink it regularly.

Monday has a fix for that too! They serve a variety of signature non-coffee hot beverages. My favorite is the Pillow Talk, a mix of lightly sweetened dark chocolate, maca powder, oat milk and cayenne pepper. It’s dark and earthy with a hint of sweet and spice. It isn’t coffee exactly, but it hits the spot for me!

Napa Bookmine 

This is the book store in Napa. Soon to relocate from their Pearl Street location to Second Street. They also have an annex space in the Oxbow Market, in case you need to do some reading and eating! Bookmine is an amazing bookstore with a huge collection of both new and used books and some pithy little gifts to boot. The staff is so outgoing and friendly and always ready to answer questions. My household literally has a line item for Bookmine purchases in our annual budget. 

They do not however, (to my knowledge) have a secret backroom full of mystical grimoires.