Justin Godey

Point Sauvignon Blanc

It's a typical Wednesday for Miles Ward, Napa's premier consulting apotropaist. He gets up, has four or five cups of coffee, and finds himself embroiled in a magical heist. As events unfold, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. Ultimately, Miles is left wondering who, if anyone, in his life he can trust.

Action, intrigue, and drama await in Point Sauvignon Blanc, the third book in the Blood, Wine, Magic series.

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Charred-Donnay sees the scorching return of Miles Ward, still Napa, California's premiere – and only – consulting apotropaist.

When enemies come blazing out of his past, Miles finds himself juggling survival, a job gone sideways, a heated election, and a budding romance. As temperatures rise, anything could catch fire, including Napa itself. Miles must overcome ancient monsters, flying monkeys, a demonic conflagration, and someone trying to kill him in his dreams.

Without his simulacrum, Hank, Miles finds himself more vulnerable than before. One mistake, and he'll go down in flames. If he makes it out alive, he might earn enough to buy a hot cup of joe. It's time to get cooking with Charred-Donnay, the second novel in the Blood, Wine, Magic series.

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Pinot Noir introduces you to the real magic of wine country and Miles Ward, Napa Valley’s top – and only – consulting apotropaist…

“If you’re hex-ed, I can vex-it.”


Miles may not be great with catchphrases, but he’s world-class at breaking and preventing curses. When he takes yet another gig magically protecting a winery, he’s expecting a routine job. What he finds is a curse so complex and intricate, it could only be the work of a very powerful magician. The smart thing would be to walk away. 

But no one has ever accused him of doing the smart thing. Reminded of dark and shameful secrets from his own past, Miles can’t walk away. Even if getting in deeper means that suddenly it’s his own life on the line.

Now he’s got to escape entanglement with a seductive vampire sorceress, an order of gun-toting monster hunters, an intricate assassination plot, and a dragon’s ancient prophecy. If he fails, a conspiracy threatens to make his town a haven for maniacs and monsters. And he's definitely not going to make his first date in a decade. 

To save Napa, Miles must uncover the truth in a vast network of lies, including, hardest of all - the ones he tells himself. 

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